Speaking Topics

Advertising and Branding
■  Advertising and Promotions to Increase Revenue

■  Creating a Successful Business Plan

■  Building a Social Network
■  Building a Virtual Sales force
■  Effective Ways to Market Using
■  Social Media
■  Engaging Your Target Market
■  Event Marketing
■  How to Create and Deliver Power
■  Presentations
■  Marketing Greek Life at Your University
■  Power Marketing: Marketing That Drives Awareness and Revenue
■  Power Networking
■  Top Selling Techniques

■  Event Accounting
■  Event Management
■  Event Marketing
■  Fundraising That Generates
■  Awareness and New Revenue
■  Special Event Fundraising

Self improvement
■  Creating an Effective Mentoring
■  Program
■  Creating Your Personal Code of Ethics
■  Leadership Development
■  Life Balance
■  Motivation
■  Overcoming Stress
■  Power of Positive Attitude
■  Preventing a Personal Crisis

Public Relations
■  Power Public Relations
■  Building Relationships with Media Sessions for Female Leaders
■  Building Strong Alliances, Successful Strategies for Working with Men
■  Building Strong Alliances, Successful Strategies for Working with Women
■  Mentors That Help You Grow
■  Exclusive Alliances vs. Free Agent Approach
■  Stop Missing the Message!

Katherine Miracle presents the following to college students:
■  Creating Your Own Personal/Professional Code of Ethics
■  Dealing with Relationship Issues
■  Eliminating Pride
■  Eliminating the Fear of Success
■  Moving Away from Negativity and Gossip
■  Not Recognizing the Danger of Jealousy
■  Preventing Stress from Controlling Your Life
■  Recognizing Emotional Abuse and Verbal Abuse
■  Releasing Dependence on Others Stopping
■  Self-Doubt
■  Study Tips for Stressed Out Students
■  The Dangers of Accepting Others
■  View of What is Beautiful
■  Understanding Addiction
■  Understanding Guilt
■  Creating a Mentoring Program
■  Achieving Balance, Self-Respect and Asking for Help