Personal Branding

Be the One 

The ultimate personal and professional marketing plan that will guide you to success and happiness. Presented by Katherine Miracle, founder of Miracle Resources and author of Discovering Your Dawn.

In a world filled with stress this plan is the way to knowing yourself, believing in yourself and marketing yourself. To be the One means to be the one person your company cannot live without, your family cannot live without but most important to be the one person you have always wanted to be. “Audience members and clients report increased revenue, a feeling of achievement, personal growth and professional success by using Katherine’s system of success. “I am blessed to learn that audience members and my college students are sharing this system with their co-workers, families and children to build bridges at work and home.” – Katherine Miracle

What you will learn:
■  How to achieve self-respect
■  How to ask for help
■  †How to secure balance and not let stress dominate your life
■  How to create your own code of ethics
†■  Moving away from negativity, how to stop self-doubt
■  Tips for stressed-out students, including preventing stress from controlling your life
†■  Becoming stronger in you!
†■  You will learn the secrets to becoming a leader
†■  You will learn how to develop strong business and professional relationships