Personal Branding Kit

The Personal Branding Kit from Miracle Resources offers all the steps to finding your brand.

This is special offer includes:2010 KM The Power of Leadership_JPEG

Step One:
Discovering Your Dawn by Katherine Miracle
Have you discovered your dawn? Are you ready to bring to light the mistakes of your past in order to help you find your purpose and unlock your true potential? By reading Discovering Your Dawn, you will be able to learn from your past. This will help you accept your mistakes and unlock to Step 2, Broken to Better to Beautiful Life.

BtBtB_Cover_RGBStep Two:
DVD of Broken to Better to Beautiful Life by Katherine Miracle
This video is a great gift for anyone who has been through tough times. You will laugh, enjoy and be inspired to use pain to create passion. With this video you will be able to find that new version of yourself, your best version. This helps build your confidence and gives you the motivation to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

Step Three: 41GwGsFwUKL

Your Strategic Personal Brand: “The Truth & The Lies” by Katherine Miracle
In a world filled with stress, lack of privacy, and a pressure to “brand,” many people jump into self-promotion without a plan or a vision. Our society focuses on branding when we should be focusing on purpose-finding the greater purpose for our lives and using marketing to share it. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where am I going with my life and career? Is this what I was meant to be doing?” Then consider why your personal brand is not working. Create a solid life plan with Your Strategic Personal Brand, and get to know yourself (the truth and the lies you were led to believe), believe in yourself, and market yourself. Your brand is using your talents to find and fulfill your purpose, your passion, and your truth. Become the one person your company cannot live without, the person your family cannot live without, but most importantly, become the one person you have always wanted to be. It all starts with the brand!

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