The one on one solution for leaders who want to grow to the next level of success.

Escape is a day long session of fun, speakers and one on one coaching with your favorite lunch and a massage. Escape provides session based on the needs of the employee and can include the following topics:

■  Creating a culture of success
■  Secrets to communication and teamwork
■  Listening skills
■  Best Practices for leadership and appreciative inquiry
■  Networking to build relationships
■  Power presentations
■  Confidence building
■  How to manage stress
■  Balance for personal and professional life
■  Creating your personal and professional marketing plan

Why Escape?

Just ask our clients: (Escape attendees identity and company are kept confidential)

CEO’s and other C level executives love escape because:

Employees receive one on one coaching increase problem solving skills and improved communication skills.

“We gave our division leaders Escape to show we believe in them and to give them a day of fun and learning”

“My employees came to me with the optimal solution after Miracle Resources worked with them on several options to solve the real problems in our company”

The session is confidential and provides trust and expertise in a one on one setting.

Employees love escape because:

“The day gave me peace, courage to change my mindset and become a stronger leader in my company.”

“Since the day is one on one I felt comfortable sharing and Miracle Resources only request is to give my boss three options to create an optimal solution for what I am facing. The optimal solution was the GPS I need to come to work with a success action plan.”

“Escape and my Success Coach, Katherine Miracle helped me get out of my own way.”

“Our boss needed an attitude adjustment so we sent him to Escape, he is happy again.”

What we do

Miracle Resources excites your team through training workshops and success coaching. Our interactive and fun sessions help your team build their personal brand with building and growing your brand.

“Imagine a world where everyone had a coach. A person who was dedicated to you to help you find your GPS for success. How different would our World be if everyone had a coach to challenge them and keep them accountable?” -Katherine Miracle