Our Team

Katherine Miracle, MBA

Founder & CEO, Miracle Resources
Speaker & Author
Creator of Brand+Team=Revenue National Program
Katherine Miracle, is called an Igniter, as a thought leader and expert marketer, she serves her clients as a revenue development strategist and motivator. Katherine is the Founder & Owner of Miracle Resources.
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Sarah Olivo

Creative Chief, Social Media Officer, Consultant
Creative Chief, Social Media Operations, Graphic Designer and Blogger; Powered by Chipotle and Starbucks, Sarah Olivo is the Swiss Army knife of Graphic Design.
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Kayla Miracle

Director of Business Development
With a strong background in marketing campaigns, retail store management, social media, event coordination, and digital marketing software. Kayla has led a team in working with new and existing clients.
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Heidi Spangler

 Certified Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Heidi Spangler is an innovative executive with over 25 years of experience working with business-to-business media companies on strategies to engage audiences with content.
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Stefani Fee

Organizational Communication Consultant
Stefani understands differences in the way people communicate and strives to find ways to bridge those gaps and support more effective interactions. Her research has focused primarily on health communication, organizational change communication, and leadership communication.
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Michele Kearns

Media Relations Manager, Consultant 
Michele Kearns is Media Relations Manager for Miracle Resources, LLC and an award-winning blogger. She performs research, establishes media contacts and updates the contact roster.
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DAN #1-

Dan Boos

Art Director, Consultant
Dan Boos is the talent behind Dan Boos Design. Known for his strategic approach to design and his reputation to deliver smart, clean visual solutions for his clients. His personal and reliable service is one clients count on.
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Corinne Jacobs

Graphic Designer, Consultant
I am a Graphic Design student at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design, who loves the creative process and is obsessed with color palettes, typography, festivals, and keyboard shortcuts. I continuously set goals and strive to learn as much as I can about design and technology in an effort to master my craft and better the world around me.

Tankya Brown

Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Tanyka Brown is a Certified Trainer with more than 15 years in the healthcare industry and six years teaching adult learners with experience in both traditional and virtual classroom settings, she has trained hundreds of adult learners locally and out of state.
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Mark ‘The Speaker Man’ Wiggins

Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Coined by clients as an outstanding entrepreneur with the uncanny ability to ignite passion and to motivate others, Mark “The Speaker Man” Wiggins is an accomplished, author, trainer, internet talk show host and international motivational speaker.
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Minister THYtria Brown

Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Brings you greetings from the City of Joy Enrichment Center in Akron, Ohio where the Word is Preached and taught by Pastors Mayceo Smith II and Patrice Smith. Minister Thytira has been a licensed minister for 16 years in both word and action.
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Seth P. Briskin

Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Seth’s Experience includes; Providing labor and employment counsel to private, public sector, and non-profit organizations.
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Belinda Godin

Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Concise communicator, professional, goal setter and go-getter is how clients, peers and colleagues describe Belinda. She is fabulous at establishing rapport and absolutely bases her business on the relationship approach.
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Lenee’ Pezzano

Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Lenee’ Pezzano is the Owner of Pezzano Enterprises, a workforce consulting and project management business specializing in the facilitation and execution of industry sector strategies in response to identified labor demand.
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Lexi Sciulli

 Promotion Specialist, Consultant
Lexi Sciulli is a promotion specialist for Miracle Resources. She is a student at VMCAD in Lakewood continuing her education in marketing. She is responsible for creating and developing promotional ideas to fulfill the needs of our clients. She assists with promotional launches ensuring they are executed to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Jim “Dr P” Ploskonka

 Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Dr. P is a dynamic, motivating and challenging leader with his passion in community service, education, mastery learning, music and leadership.
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Marvin Montgomery

 Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
For more than 30 years, Marvin Montgomery has earned widespread national recognition and praise for his informative, practical and stimulating programs that refl ect his basic philosophy: “Preparation and practice are the keys to sales success.”
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Arthur Brite

 Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
 Arthur Brite has been involved in the medical industry since 1980 as a sales representative, sales manager, national sales trainer and is nationally recognized as one of the leading corporate speakers in the medical field.
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Sofia Gonzalez

 Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Sofia Gonzalez is the CEO & Founder of I Am Creates You: A Brand & Inbound Marketing company since 2012.
She has worked with varies of industries all throughout the United States.
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Douglas Miller

 CHBC, Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Douglas is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, trainer and coach that has provided companies and organizations with proven personality insights for 10 years.
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Joe Marshall

 Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant
Joe loves helping teams and people. Joe specializes in Brand+Team=Revenue Training for Retail Management Team, Sales Teams and Church Leadership retreats. Joe’s 30+ years experience in retail management, sales and public speaking helps Joe help teams.
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Do you want a rewarding experience knowing that you’ve helped not only yourself, but others around you? Do you want to help businesses grow revenue?

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Do you want to help schools, secure speakers at seminars, team-building, personal branding for all students and coaching to the prevent problems of today’s society?

Do you want to align with workplaces that grow diversity, revenue and teamwork?

Do you want to earn an income based on working with organizations like hospitals, colleges, banks and schools by helping them?

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