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Trained over 100,000 professionals to build their strategic personal brand, their workplace team and the company brand resulting in increased revenue.



Created advertising/marketing campaigns that increased revenue for more than 100 businesses including: Cleveland Clinic, Red Cross, Dunkin Donuts and several startup companies.



Raised over 28 million dollars for 10 non profits.














Educated 700 job seekers to network and market themselves to find their perfect career.














Secured 4 million dollars in free publicity for corporations and non profits.











Motivated over 500 sales and marketing professionals to market and motivate using the Miracle Resources Diamond Four Point Marketing Strategy that increases revenue and awareness.


Miracle Resources is an award winning full service marketing, public relations & training firm that builds brands from the inside out and increases revenue and awareness. Founded by Katherine Miracle MBA, Miracle Resources has provided corporate training since 2003.  Miracle Resources is located in Akron, Ohio; Brand + Team= Revenue is a national training program with certified trainers in every state that work with teams to build their brand, their team and increase revenue.  Our trainers are selected based on their exceptional experience and ability to work with teams. Our services extend nation wide with trainers in every state of the U.S.
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