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Do you want to increase revenue, teamwork and eliminate risk to protect your company?

Miracle Resources Brand + Team = Revenue Program is your optimal solution!

The Miracle Brand + Team = Revenue Program trains your team in fun, interactive and team building sessions.
Steps can be done monthly as lunch and learns or can be done over any time period,
some clients use all at their conventions or retreats!

 Appreciative Inquiry
Brands, Teams and Revenue grow through this workshop and staff retreat.  Your team members take a journey through a team building culinary, sport or art challenge that helps them communicate to secure results. Our clients report increased engagement and a raise in corporate culture standards due to team members learning the new language of appreciative inquiry.

Balance and Stress Reduction
This workshop focuses on effective time management as the key to remaining stress-free. In this session, we have fun creating a plan of action on ways to reduce stress, focus on balance, and working smarter – not harder!

Communication Training
Teams perform a hands on project incorporating learned skills from this workshop. A communication plan is built by building your team with respect & results.

Creating a Culture of Success & Respect
Teams create an innovative plan of accountability to build company culture. Teams can use your existing company culture campaign or create one in our workshop.

Creating Your Strategic Personal Brand Plan
Team members discover and create their personal brand based on their talents and goals. A brand plan is created that elevates the team member and the company brand. MBTI testing & Success Coaching for all employees – this session helps team members unlock their potential, overcome obstacles and create appreciative inquiry.

The personal branding books, “Discovering Your Dawn” & “Your Strategic Personal Brand” are given to all employees.  This workshop is also a retreat that encompasses a visual shopping experience with creating of a Look Book, Brand Logo Design and One on One coaching session to create your Strategic Personal Brand.

Customer Service Training
This fun and innovative training engages teams to use their strategic personal brand to help customers.  Miracle service “customer service training” Our training uses the power of appreciative inquiry and emotional intelligence to empower your team.

DISC Assessment and Team Application Disc Personality system ©
“The DISC Personality System published by the Institute of Motivational Living (IML) aims to help individuals identify their personal strengths and capitalize on their talents to make them more effective individuals. In identifying one’s own and others’ innate abilities, attributes, weaknesses, fears, the DISC helps people communicate better and work together more effectively.

The concepts of DISC are based on William Marston’s theories, which postulate that people basically possess one or more of four different personality styles:

Dominance Influence Steadiness Compliance
The DISC Personality System is a quick assessment that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It consists of 24 questions, each with four descriptions. A person chooses which is “Most”
and, which is “Least” descriptive of themself. It can be used in organizational development, leadership development, training and team building, career planning, executive coaching, and conflict resolution.”
Copied from the DISC Technical Supplement Copyright 2006 The Institute of Motivational Living, Inc. 

Diversity Training
This session uses gaming and team building to engage all five generations in today’s workplace and bonds the team by celebrating diversity! In this session, we show a successful team that bonds around their differences and celebrates each unique team member!

Emotional Intelligence
Training for Better Team Communication and Results. Our workshop provides interactive learning through at team activity based on a food challenge. Team members love this activity and bond over food and a greater understanding of themselves and their teammates!

Negativity and Bullying in the Workplace
Identifying it and stopping it! This team building session that showcases the best practices in communication, mindset of success, and accountability! Miracle Resources Respect Team/Family Test is given as well as the Miracle Resources Individual Respect Test. These tests help the team member motivate for personal and cultural change.

Leadership, Problem Solving and Positive Attitude
The best of organizational leadership and positive psychology is used to engage all attendees in new ways of handling problems. This session is interactive and provides one-on-one time with the session facilitator.

Listening Workshop
This workshop features interactive learning during a fun activity.  A plan is created by each team member to use listening to understand, build relationships and respect team members and customers.

Certified LEGO® Serious Play® method teaches valuable planning, project execution and most importantly team relationships and communication.

Mastering Your Mindset From The Inside Out
To build your Brand, Team & Revenue Have you ever wondered why you aren’t successful, no matter how hard you try?

The truth is if you don’t uncover the secret to mastering your mind, body and spirit, you will never truly be successful. Kick o your Brand + Team = Revenue training experience with this critical PRE-TRAINING course. This one additional step will unlock the blocks, limiting beliefs; fears and old mindsets that have kept you stuck and enable you to forge new habits, relationships, disciplines and strategies that will increase the odds of your true success!

In this course we will discover:
1.    It’s not just what is inside your mind, but what’s in your heart, deep in your soul, and how you move
that encompass the “INSIDE”.

2.   Why your brain doesn’t always listen to you no matter how much you commit.

3.   Why do we do what we do?

4.   How to release fear, negative self-talk, disbelief and authority

5.   How to create an Emergency Escape Plan, from the heart and soul, when a mind trap is triggered!

6.    How to quit playing Hide-n-Seek and establishing sustained Success!

A workshop for team and individual motivation that uses meditation and an offsite team experience.

A fun and engaging training for novice to expert networkers. Team members participate in a mock networking and have fun learning about body language.  Team members create a networking plan to showcase Confidence, Class and Character. If possible we host this training with our national alliance Capital Grille for a Wine Tasting Team building event called Sommelier for the day!

Power Presentation Skills
A workshop and coaching session for individual and team presentations. This workshop is used by executives and helps team members on all levels of public speaking. The workshop was created by a college instructor who travels the United States as a paid speaker. The workshop if fun because we explore the lies people believe about public speaking that kills confidence. We work with you to set your reticular activating system in your brain to take action on helping your audience with the credible and confident presentation you will learn to create in our workshop.

Revenue Generating Workshop
Teams are challenged to create new ways to generate revenue from existing products and services. The workshop is part 20% training and 80% team hands on project work.  The result is a fun experience and a plan of action for generating revenue.

Sales Training & Sales Management
Individual or team coaching for managers who want to build a team that builds relationships and gets results. Sales Training Workshop is a team building session on how to sell and how to be the trusted advisor to teach and manage others to be successful in sales.

Sexual Harassment Training
Miracle Resources has heard the stories of boring videos so we have the best lawyer who is fun and will answer questions of your team members. Seth Briskin,Esq.  uses humor and provides a fun experience to prevent crisis in your workplace. If your company has a required presenter we can work with your chosen law firm or legal department.

Social Media Success
Each attendee is empowered to join the internal & external marketing efforts through a fun and interactive session meant to engage ideas and create cost free takeaways. Training includes full instruction on using social media to build the company brand.

Standards of Success Training
A team-building workshop based on a fun activity that creates a plan for the company. Team members are engaged in developing individual and team standards of success. This session covers workplace policies in order to prevent risks. This session is a fun and interactive way to engage and motivate positive standards set by the team to determine appropriate and legal workplace relationships, behavior, conflict management, workplace safety, emotional intelligence and social media etiquette.

Stop Marketing, Start Motivational Marketing
This team building workshop is based on an actual shopping experience. Your team learns by observing what helps customers fall in love with products/services. Our workshop then continues over a meal to discuss what was observed and learn the secrets so your team can apply them to your marketing campaigns.

Team Charter Workshop
Teams are challenged to create a charter around a fun event then using the skills they have developed in our workshop, each team or department is guided through our team charter process that leads to a GPS for success in their workplace.

Teamwork Brand Building Workshop
This offsite workshop is hosted as a training with an experience. Our teams love escape rooms, horseback riding and doing a community project.  The workshop uses the experience you choose to help the team create a brand building plan of action. The result is increased revenue as the team is engaged in elevating the brand through teamwork.

Please note:
■   All topics will be customized for your audience
■   The topics can be trainings, seminars, webinars or Keynote Presentation
■   CEU’s are available for all topics and a workbook is provided for each step, seminar of keynote
■   Instructors are experts in their field and certified award winners in their industry

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