Miracle Resources is an award winning full service marketing, public relations & training firm that builds brands from the inside out and increases revenue and awareness. Founded by Katherine Miracle MBA, Miracle Resources has provided corporate training since 2003.  Brand + Team= Revenue is a national training program with certified trainers in every state that work with teams to build their brand, their team and increase revenue.  Our trainers are selected based on their exceptional experience and ability to work with teams.

Miracle Resources, LLC is a marketing firm that provides consulting, training and success coaching for businesses and non-profits. Miracle Resources consultants specialize in the areas of advertising/ branding, public relations, marketing and revenue development.

Our team works with your team to increase revenue and awareness. Our focus is to build marketing from the inside out through internal marketing. Our expertise is in the areas of revenue development, marketing, advertising, branding, public relations and professional development.

What we do
We build brand equity and increase revenue by providing strategy, training, resources and tools to your entire team.

■  Advertising
■  Blogging
■  Social Media
■  Coaching
■  Flyers
■  Fundraising
■  Invitations
■  Marketing Plan
■  Marketing Materials
■  Media Campaign
■  Photography
■  Publicity
■  Sponsorship
■  Revenue Development
■  Video
■  Website


■  Advertising
■  Balance Time Management
■  Body Language
■  Branding
■  Communicating with Success
■  Confidence
■  Creating a Culture of Success
■  Customer Service Training Miracle Solution (Miracle Service)
■  Escape Success Coaching
■  Event Success
■  Explore Entrepreneurship
■  Female Leaders
■  Fundraising
■  How to Secure Sponsorship
■  Innovation to Increase Revenue
■  Marketing Plan/Strategies for Job Seekers
■  LinkedIn Workshop
■  Leadership
■  Marketing
■  Managing Conflict and Problem Solving
■  Managing Emotions
■  Media
■  Mentors
■  Motivation
■  Networking to Build Relationships
■  Power Presentations
■  Problem Solving
■  Sales Training
■  Secrets to a Successful Business
■  Secrets to Retention and Success
■  Social Media
■  Stress
■  Team Building/ Team Management
■  Working Moms Workshop on Successful at Work and at Home!

What we believe
We believe a brand is a promise and too often the promise is broken through poor customer service, push marketing that turns away customers, incorrect strategy that does not produce results, lack of engagement with customers, lack of training for the entire team and lack of organization.