Breaking People or Building a Brand? ✅

Imagine being with a group of people who cut you off when you speak, question every idea you share, praise the favorite one while judging your every action?   

Everyday lawsuits are filed, workplace violence happens and productivity decreases because of these behaviors. In 2003, I created a marketing, public relations firm to build brands.  We created exceptional external branding but the business killing internal problems continued. 

My research began and we created Brand+Team=Revenue training program.  My mission was to help teams build brands internally to support external branding while building teams and increasing revenue.  

Pam Glowski our COO calls Brand+Team=Revenue training “making the world a better place” and she is correct.  The teams we work with report personal and team transformation, better communication and creating a company culture that prevents risk and promotes productivity. 

By 2016 demand was so great that we recruited trainers for every state and we ask our audiences, teams and fans to share our resources. Our app Your Miracle Resource provides resources your team can use.

Today, our trainers our blessed to fulfill their dream of helping people, teams and companies. Our hope is when you read this you will share with others in an effort to stop workplace teams from breaking people and help them begin building a strong team, brand and culture.