Sharon Marrell

Brand + Team = Revenue Trainer, Consultant

Speaker, Private Consultant, Educator, Vocal Coach

Enhancing Business Communications through Innovative Vocal techniques that Build Trust, Relationships, & Increased Revenue

Business leaders are seeing a decrease in the ability to convert customers to clients. Professionals are struggling to build trust, creating the inevitable disconnect. Too often, sales and marketing professionals simply rely on delivering a standard sales script that lacks integrity, depth, and substance. In fact, their sales pitch falls flat and almost monotone, leaving customers to feel like just another number.

Communication style and knowing your voice type is the key to presenting a powerful presentation and pitch. Harnessing vocal power by incorporating the Five Power-Drivers (Pace, Pitch, Melody, Tone, and Volume) lets customers know that they are relatable and passionate about their product/service. Combining the right words, the right speech, and adding some genuine humanity will lead to higher conversions, increasing business revenue, establishing new business relationships, and achieving a much higher level of success.

Sharon Marrell is a successful, forward-thinking entrepreneur who owns several successful businesses including Lakewood Music Academy. As a music teacher with over 4 decades of experience, Sharon has educated people of all ages on the art of music. Sharon also knows what it’s like to go from business bankruptcy to running a prosperous 6-figure business. She has worked in the trenches to master the ability to recreate and revive stagnant businesses using innovative ideas and perseverance. Collaborating with like-minded influencers in the business world has given her insights into what it takes to create a thriving business. Sharon has been empowering others to be successful and has mastered systems that enhance employee productivity and revenue growth. Through music, Sharon realized that a spoken language that incorporates characteristics of the art of music can empower people to achieve success and strengthen the power to connect to others.