Mark W. Beekman

Mark W. Beekman is a part-time Communication instructor at Kent State University, specializing in Public Speaking and Small Group Work.  He also teaches online speech courses at North Central State College (part of The Ohio State University).  Mark is a lifelong learner and has completed doctoral courses at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and holds his Master’s degree in Communication from Bowling Green State University (’86)  He did his undergraduate work at the University of Toledo (’83) where he was a Theater major with a specialty in stage, film, and video production.

Mark worked for 28 years in the commercial television broadcasting industry in Cleveland at Channel 5 News.  He continues to purse his love of news by working for ChyronHego, where he writes and edits his own news headlines, then sending them out for use as the news “crawl” at the bottom of the television screen.  Mark loves teaching and all of the diversity found in it, and believes that he can always learn himself from his students and his colleagues.